The First Four Projects

Children’s classes meet for 1-2 hours every week. Children may sign up at any time during the year and will begin with the “First Four” projects. Classes are small with only 4 students per class for individualized attention.

Machines and basic supplies will be available for students to use. I will provide the project for the first day of classes and supply sheets for student projects for the next 3 projects. Plan on a joint shopping trip to the fabric store after the first day of class. It is important for your daughter or son to go with you as part of their learning experience.

To insure safety while learning basic skills, I follow a “First Four” program for beginners. Each of the 4 projects introduces a basic specific skill, and each student can complete it at their own pace during the year.

The First 4 are completed in this order:

1. Backpack Tote

  • Teaches basics about machines, seams and safety.
  • This class also teaches taking measurements to buy a pattern.
  • Supplies and pattern provided in class

2. Elastic-waist PJ Shorts, Plain Shorts, Skirt, Skorts or Capri’s

  • Teaches purchasing a pattern, fabric and notions, cutting skills, seam finishes, hems and waistlines.

3. T-Shirt

  • Teaches working with knit fabrics and how to finish a neckline and set in sleeves.

4. Duffle Bag

  • A fun and easy way to insert zippers!

What Happens after the “First Four”?

After your child completes the “First Four” he/she may choose projects of interest. To assist you with ideas I have prepared a list of suggestions. If one of the listed projects is chosen, ask the instructor for the corresponding supply sheet. Please seek the instructor’s approval for projects not listed. Over the years I have created over 200 supply sheets for students to choose from when they finish the First Four. All supply sheets are divided by skill level.

*The list will be in class.

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